About Us



The Healthcare Holiday is a UK-based online global portal specialising in health and wellness tourism. By blending health and travel, we bring you the latest therapies, treatments in unique retreats and facilities around the world, many  set in stunning locations amid fascinating cultures.

We aim to help you find your wellness solution, navigating you to selected destinations, renowned & recognized medical spas and to a wide range of holistic and natural treatments. Based on your individual needs, we feature a variety of places and programmes to help you find the mental, spiritual and physical wellness holiday that satisfies your personal needs. We guide you to links for online consultations, personal research and reservations websites to allow you to book at your convenience and in confidence.

And we suggest a range of holiday ideas that have a healthy twist.

The Healthcare Holiday offers resources to research wellness choices in the UK and beyond its shores, reviews on personal experiences, travel tips to destinations and the latest news in wellness tourism.

We hope we can help you on your journey to wellness.

Visit our sister site, thewellnesstraveller.co.uk for more resources. There are a host of wellness tips too.

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