The Covid-Free Label in France


Covid-Free Label

Safe holidaying is on the horizon with the Covid-Free label. Holidaymakers will want to limit the risks to Covid-19 as much as possible, and this will be a factor when deciding whether to visit a destination.

The French nature and mountain destination on the outskirts of Geneva is in the process of becoming the first whole area to obtain the COVID-FREE independent label. In addition, two of its popular hotels are the first hotels in France to obtain the COVID-FREE label.

COVID-FREE is a qualitative and engaging approach, involving travellers and guests. The measures implemented, validated by regular audits, will be an essential differentiating factor when choosing a destination.

The Pays de Gex and its Monts Jura Mountain Resort will offer its clients peace of mind during their stay. The Pays de Gex Tourist Office is partnering with COVID-FREE to offer a safety standard and appropriate cleaning protocols in all its establishments. This is the first French initiative on the scale of an entire destination. The Pays de Gex Community is a group of 26 French communes extending from the heart of the Jura Massif mountains to the plains that line the Swiss border, southwest of Lake Geneva.

COVID-FREE is the first collaborative and independent label for professionals in the catering, hotel and tourism industries committed to fight against the spread of the virus

Christophe Bouvier, president of the Pays de Gex Intercommunal Tourist Office and its Monts Jura resort, says: “We want to send a strong message to our visitors that we take their safety seriously. We want to show our partners that we understand the catastrophic economic impact of this crisis and send a message of confidence”.

This collective of independent professionals from the tourism industry, accompanied by volunteer doctors and pharmacists, aims to generate trust through extensive field experience and without compromising on health.

Philippe Souterbicq, coordinator of the COVID-FREE collective, says: “Safety is a top priority. Travellers must be 100% involved. The online platform allows travellers to alert senior management in the establishments and officials in the Pays de Gex in real time, so they can take immediate corrective measures”.

COVID-FREE has developed the COVID-FREE label and the collaborative platform It enables tourism professionals to involve customers, employees and suppliers in a collective vigilant approach against the spread of COVID-19.

A special team from the Tourist Office will be established by COVID-FREE to train and accompany the hoteliers, campsites and restaurants etc. who will embark on the process of obtaining the label.

By working together, the destination will be able to offer a safe and enjoyable stay this summer, with guests taking advantage of the many activities on offer.

Two hotels in the Pays de Gex have already obtained a COVID-FREE label and are the first hotels in France to achieve this. Hotel de France in Ferney Voltaire gives guests a charming escape in an 18th century building while Hotel Bois Joly in Crozet offers a modern stay with 41 rooms overlooking Lake Geneva Basin, the Alps and Mont Blanc.

The Pays de Gex  Community is a group of 26 French communes extending from the heart of the Jura Massif mountains to the meadows that line the Swiss border. It offers a natural holiday destination, close to Geneva, with fresh-mountain air at an affordable price. Facing Mont Blanc, guests can appreciate the stunning views across Lake Geneva and in the summer months, take a ramble along the top of the Haut-Jura in the centre of the national reserve. Discover 2,000 years of history at Fort L’Ecluse, a strategic passage between the Alps and the Jura ever since ancient Rome became a place of wonder. Explore Ferney and its castle: Voltaire the philosopher left his mark here and they even named the town after him: Ferney Voltaire. And science wizards will enjoy the home of the Large Hadron Collider, CERN, is located here.


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