• Wellness in Switzerland

    Wellness in Switzerland

      Switzerland has long been synonymous with health and wellness due to its fresh mountain air, thermal baths, clinics and luxury spa hotels. Rich with a myriad of mood-boosting colours of blue and green hues which themselves reduce anxiety and …
  • Industry experts and academics predict a healthy growth of wellness travel

    Industry experts and academics predict a healthy growth of wellness travel

    The Study: Wellness Tourism 2030 Post-COVID19 – Refocusing the growth of wellness & travel A pioneering study by Health Tourism Worldwide in cooperation with the Wellness Tourism Association shows the way to ensure a healthy future for wellness tourism, and …
  • Denmark – A happy place to visit

    Denmark – A happy place to visit

    As World Happiness Day approaches on 20 March, Denmark shares its happiness tips as well as the happiest places to visit. Denmark has championed the World Happiness Report since it was launched in 2012, hitting top spot in 2012, 2013 …
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine

    Traditional Chinese Medicine

    Health and wellness has become top priority during these challenging times and despite scientific and technological advancements, there has been a  resurgence of ancient healing practices such as traditional Chinese medicine and home remedies. What is Traditional Chinese Medicine Traditional …
  • Wellness Trends for 2021

    Wellness Trends for 2021

      Wellness in 2021 is seeing new trends. It’s on the move and transcending through large  industries to bring us integrated health. It takes the stage with Hollywood and big media, architecture designed with space for communities and apps for …
  • Travel Trends In River Cruising

    Travel Trends In River Cruising

      While travellers continue to prioritise health and safety, they are increasingly looking to plan longer, immersive travel experiences to better appreciate nature, live in the moment and reconnect with friends and family. This is according to AmaWaterways’ co-owners Rudi Schreiner, …
  • Guard Against Air Pollution

    Guard Against Air Pollution

    Air Pollution In many areas of the world, concentrations of ambient air pollutants exceed levels associated with increased risk of acute and chronic health problems. Although mostly invisible to the naked eye, the air is full of particulate matter (PM); …
  • A resolution bucket list throughout England.

    A resolution bucket list throughout England.

    It’s time to blow away the cobwebs and plan new year activities and new beginnings  which will keep you healthy and safe and inspire you throughout a brighter 2021. Think fresh outdoor air and fresh active adventures. You don’t have …
  • Healing Through Horses

    Healing Through Horses

    Equine Therapy Equine therapy brings people and horses for the sake of healing, wellness and self-discovery, a therapy increasingly popular around the world with Ben Affleck and singer Selina Gomez, amongst others ,who have sought assistance as part of a …
  • Croatia, a health destination

    Croatia, a health destination

    Croatia’s health tourism dates back to 1888 and continues today As early as the 19th century, well-known Kvarner destinations were declared official health resorts of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy. Back then, it was customary to give members of the nobility a …


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