• Good Spa Awards 2020 Include New Covid-Related Categories

    Good Spa Awards 2020 Include New Covid-Related Categories

    This year the Good Spa Awards introduced new categories to reflect the challenges caused by the pandemic. These include Best Response to Covid, Best Community Spa and Best Sustainable Spa. In addition, other awards included Best New Spa, Best Outdoor Facilities and Best Spa for Wellness. Spas …
  • Chiva-Som Brings Its Wellness Philosophy to Qatar

    Chiva-Som Brings Its Wellness Philosophy to Qatar

    Zulal Wellness Resort by Chiva-Som is set to open next year in Qatar as the newest wellness destination. Zulal Wellness Resort is the first management undertaking by market-leading wellness resort brand Chiva-Som, whose award winning flagship resort is located in Hua Hin …
  • Behold – Plant Medicine

    Behold – Plant Medicine

    Guided by ancient wisdom and modern science, Behold Retreats has launched its entheogen plant medicine services. Designed to elevate each guest to peak performance and wellbeing, each journey is facilitated in idyllic destinations where plant medicine such as ayahuasca, psilocybin, …
  • A New Dawn On Wellness

    A New Dawn On Wellness

    We have experienced the unexpected opportunity to slow down giving us time to re-evaluate our lifestyles and invest in ourselves. We have been given time to rebalance the mind, body and soul. This bubble of time has placed wellness uppermost …
  • The Silver Travel Awards

    The Silver Travel Awards

      Cruises and rail journeys, city escapes, country retreats and those bucket-list adventures were presented before us as living proof that travel is truly alive, inspiring our future holidays while casting us back to those memorable travel moments. In a …
  • Healthy-Ageing Comes Of Age

    Healthy-Ageing Comes Of Age

    Do you know your biological age?  What are your collagen levels and skin type? Want to know your allergies, your health forecast? The answers don’t reveal themselves from guess work, trends or diets but more from a more sustainable form …
  • Covid-Aware Wellness Experiences In The UK

    Covid-Aware Wellness Experiences In The UK

    Whether its underwater or by the river’s shore, check out the latest wellness experiences around the UK DIVE INTO WELLNESS AND SCUBA WITH PADI Live in the moment….capture your mind and tone your body. Think of diving as an alternative …
  • Guest Soul Reset at The Mandrake

    Guest Soul Reset at The Mandrake

      Soul Reset is a new package offered by a London hotel to meet the needs of post-lockdown guests. The Mandrake, a boutique hotel in Fitzrovia London is tailoring stays that provide reimagined spiritual wellbeing. Recent surveys have found that …
  • Switzerland’s Star Locations

    Switzerland’s Star Locations

      A gondola, a tree tent or a cosy hotel room, a mountain peak, a city rooftop or in fragrant wildflower meadows. Switzerland has pinpointed 50 top locations for its guests to enjoy the stars and view of the night …
  • Wellness Travel Recovery

    Wellness Travel Recovery

    The New Wellness The wellness travel industry is moving  forward in the wake of the drastic effects of COVID-19 with upgraded hygiene measures, biosecurity and digital check-ins, all part of the necessary procedures for today’s conscious consumer. Wellness resorts and …


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