Ongoing Wellness Retreats in the Maldives

Nutrition, massage, yoga and pilates, Niyama Private Islands in the Maldives is continuing its ongoing residential programme of visiting practitioners from across the globe promoting health and wellbeing.

Former professional ballet dancer, Grace Hurry will host Pilates and Yoga from 7th – 25th April 2019, with a series of group exclusive classes focussing on alignment, strength and mobility.

She will be offering exclusive one-on-one sessions allowing guests of all abilities the opportunity to get first-hand knowledge and tuition. Mother-Daughter classes will also be available, encouraging families to stay healthy and exercise together, learning a new skill which they can then continue to practice following their stay.

The resort will also see Dr Paolo Fernandes’ Longevity, Lymphatic Massage and Nutrition Programme from 15th March – 30th April 2019. As a certified Health Coach, specialist in Nutritional Microscopy and international speaker, Dr Paolo will bring his wealth of knowledge about the inner workings of the body to guests. His proven 10 step programme to achieve perfect health has brought him clients including top Hollywood celebrities. The programme will assess guests’ internal health, measure blood flow and improve the lymphatic system. Results include the reduction of cellulite and stress, nervous system relaxation, removal of toxins, and an increase in physical fitness, concentration and sleep quality.

Niyama Private Islands is set across two spacious private islands, connected by a single wooden bridge across the Indian Ocean, Niyama is a Maldivian resort in the south-western atoll of Dhaalu.