Guest Soul Reset at The Mandrake


Soul Reset at The Mandrake Hotel

Guests can reset their mind and soul at the Mandrake Hotel

Soul Reset is a new package offered by a London hotel to meet the needs of post-lockdown guests.

The Mandrake, a boutique hotel in Fitzrovia London is tailoring stays that provide reimagined spiritual wellbeing.

Recent surveys have found that 44% of people feel more concerned about their mental health than usual and that Covid19 has increased anxiety among many. Another survey found that 80% of regular wellness customers are desperate to return to classes and receive treatments and services.

The new ‘Soul Reset Package’ has been curated specifically to help and  encourage guests to redress their mental and physical balance after the stress of lockdown.

Wellness sessions and offerings include:

  • Morning meditations – learning to control and discipline anxious thoughts in the mind
  • Crystal Bowl Sound Healing – sound healing sessions will often surface energies which have been suppressed.
  • Breathwork– unique ceremonies that combine breath, meditation and sound to reconnect and calm the body, mind and soul.
  • Cacao Ceremonies – a form of shamanic healing which involves gathering groups to drink sacred cacao delivered from Central American jungles that encourage healing, connection and inspiration. People are remembering themselves and their purpose and the sense of community, lost over Covid, can begin to be re-explored
  • Yoga and Movement– a new wave of yoga, Chroma Yoga, helps promote a healthy sleep cycle, which many people have had interrupted during lockdown
  • Gong Baths– baths in the form of  gongs, singing bowls, drums, bells, tuning forks depending on your need. This is a deeply intense practice where you can totally switch off from the outside world and torrent of Covid news
  • Bespoke private energy healings – one on one energy healing sessions to restore the balance and flow of energy throughout the body, mind and soul, using hand-picked crystals.
  • Guests will also leave with a ‘Soul Reset Pack’, including a Palo Santo (mystical wood from a tree which grows on the coast of South America and is related to Frankincense, Myrrh and Copal) to help clear negative energy as well as a bespoke crystal

The Mandrake Hotel

The Mandrake is synonymous with incredible sensory experiences; and was one of the first London hotels to offer a 360-degree spiritual wellbeing programme. The dedicated in-house Spiritual Concierge Service is a unique collection of experiences that draw inspiration from the four corners of the earth with a specialist spiritual wellbeing menu and offering bespoke private one to one consultations in the comfort and privacy of guest rooms.

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