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  • Healthy-Ageing Comes Of Age

    Healthy-Ageing Comes Of Age

    Do you know your biological age?  What are your collagen levels and skin type? Want to know your allergies, your health forecast? The answers don’t reveal themselves from guess work, trends or diets but more from a more sustainable form …
  • Covid-Aware Wellness Experiences In The UK

    Covid-Aware Wellness Experiences In The UK

    Whether its underwater or by the river’s shore, check out the latest wellness experiences around the UK DIVE INTO WELLNESS AND SCUBA WITH PADI Live in the moment….capture your mind and tone your body. Think of diving as an alternative …
  • Guest Soul Reset at The Mandrake

    Guest Soul Reset at The Mandrake

      Soul Reset is a new package offered by a London hotel to meet the needs of post-lockdown guests. The Mandrake, a boutique hotel in Fitzrovia London is tailoring stays that provide reimagined spiritual wellbeing. Recent surveys have found that …
  • Switzerland’s Star Locations

    Switzerland’s Star Locations

      A gondola, a tree tent or a cosy hotel room, a mountain peak, a city rooftop or in fragrant wildflower meadows. Switzerland has pinpointed 50 top locations for its guests to enjoy the stars and view of the night …
  • Wellness Travel Recovery

    Wellness Travel Recovery

    The New Wellness The wellness travel industry is moving  forward in the wake of the drastic effects of COVID-19 with upgraded hygiene measures, biosecurity and digital check-ins, all part of the necessary procedures for today’s conscious consumer. Wellness resorts and …
  • Lanserhof diagnoses post Covid-19 programme

    Lanserhof diagnoses post Covid-19 programme

    Post Covid-19 Programme Lanserhof,  renowned for its innovative medicine, is offering a specially created post Covid-19 programme in all its resorts which includes Lanserhof at The Arts Club, London. The Programme This programme includes a comprehensive diagnosis as well as …
  • The Covid-Free Label in France

    The Covid-Free Label in France

    Safe holidaying is on the horizon with the Covid-Free label. Holidaymakers will want to limit the risks to Covid-19 as much as possible, and this will be a factor when deciding whether to visit a destination. The French nature and mountain …
  • The Arabian Travel Market Goes Virtual

    The Arabian Travel Market Goes Virtual

    Arabian Travel Market (ATM) Virtual This event is now live in virtual form for travel trade professionals from across the world over three days. This key trade event for the region’s tourism community places focus on emerging trends, opportunities and …
  • Virtual Wellness

    Virtual Wellness

    Medi-spas, wellness resorts, retreats, clinics and hotels may not be open at this time but they have your health at heart and tools for support.  From design tips for home spas, guiding your yoga poses, holistic therapies and green health, …
  • The Digital Health Passport

    The Digital Health Passport

    THE DIGITAL HEALTH PASSPORT Reopening tourism in the face of the crisis caused by Covid-19. The Canary Islands, Spain,  and the World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) have agreed a pilot flight in July for the world’s first ‘safe’ flight using the …




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