Croatia, a health destination

Croatia's health benefits

Croatia’s health tourism dates back to 1888 and continues today

As early as the 19th century, well-known Kvarner destinations were declared official health resorts of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy. Back then, it was customary to give members of the nobility a ‘medical referral’ for a stay in Kvarner as a therapy for various mental and physical conditions. Today, the region’s climatic benefits, combined with its Mediterranean diet and opportunities for healthy activities, are known as the Kvarner Effect

Crikvenica Region

Croatian’s region of the Crikvenica Riviera, health tourism dates back to 1888 when people travelled from across Europe, attracted by pristine nature and the excellent climatic conditions including sea air quality. Today, marine-based treatments and climatic elements continue to be key features of therapies in the area with some centres having operated for more than half a century.


In Lošinj, it is believed medical tourism started in 1885 when Dr Conrad Clar, a well known balneologist from Austria arrived with the aim of finding a treatment for his sick son suffering from a throat ailment. His health vastly improved after just three weeks and the future of the place was set. Today, Lošinj is renowned  for specialist treatments of allergies, respiratory tract and skin disorders.


Kvarner is gaining attention from medical experts who believe in health benefits of the surrounding sea water. The region has a number of  freshwater springs and lakes and is a significant area for the preservation of biodiversity. The Adriatic sea contains more than 80 essential minerals while the temperature of the sea reaches 26C in summer, sometimes remaining as high as 17C in spring and autumn. The most recent testing of seawater quality by the European Commission placed Croatia in 2nd place after Cyprus and beating more famous countries.

Health Tourism

In the modern day, medical professionals who champion the benefits of exercise, healthy diet, seawater and clean air have noted what the region has to offer health-seeking visitors. Extensive walking, running and biking trails in pine forests (known for the therapeutic effect on the respiratory system) and on the coast, fresh produce from land and sea, the clean Adriatic sea and excellent air quality.  On the professional medical side, from respiratory experts to orthopaedic, dental and dermatological specialists, the region is home to world-class medical providers with state-of-the-art technology.

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