Covid-Aware Wellness Experiences In The UK

Whether its underwater or by the river’s shore, check out the latest wellness experiences around the UK


Diving into wellness


Live in the moment….capture your mind and tone your body. Think of diving as an alternative way to scuba into wellbeing.  With thoughts rippling amid the tranquillity beneath the water’s surface, it’s a calming experience to alleviate stress and anxiety as well as keeping fit.

According to PADI®, the world’s largest recreational diver training organisation, scuba diving has a multitude of benefits. Many divers testifying to its healing power, while benefiting from exploring the ocean and interacting with marine life. It offers opportunities to meet others with common interests and it’s a digital-detox too – messages stay in the cloud.

Similar to yoga and meditation, scuba diving requires controlled, rhythmic breathing which can significantly increase your ability to cope with emotional feelings, improve sleep and increase general wellbeing and happiness.

Flexibility and strength are increased as muscles tend to work harder due to resistance of the water and swimming against the current. This helps to maintain and increase fitness and endurance levels. Scuba diving and swimming not only strengthens your legs, but it can also build up your core.

Cortisol levels decrease in the water, reducing blood pressure and aiding relaxation. Before and after a dive, the body is often exposed to sunlight increasing vitamin D levels to help keep bones healthy and strong, and exposure to the sun also increases endorphin production within the brain.

According to Clinical Psychologist Dr Laura Walton, “There are so many aspects of scuba diving that may be beneficial in directing minds away from worries, stresses and daily demands. In modern life, we are constantly pulled into the past and present, through our ability to think, but when we dive beneath the water our attention is captivated by absorbing experiences of entering another world. We connect with ourselves in a different way and become present in the moment.”

Under the surface an entirely new underwater world with an abundance of marine life awaits. From stunning coral reefs, brightly coloured fish and wrecks to swimming with dolphins, manta rays and sea turtles – each dive is different. If you want to take the plunge, there are more than 6,600 PADI Dive Centres and Resorts around the world. The UK has over 200 PADI dive centres. Covid-safe diving is easily accessible for families, adrenalin junkies, fitness fanatics and outdoor enthusiasts – visit


Therapeutic effects of the natural environment

Therapeutic experiences in rural Cornwall

Perched on the banks of the River Fal in south Cornwall, Thera-Sea, offers a series of new restorative retreats. Hidden within the grounds of a 300-year stone-built cottage, accessible only by foot or water, the isolated location provides the perfect place for guests to immerse fully in wellness experiences from nature and disconnect from the outside world.

The focus is on lifestyle medicine and the therapeutic effects of the natural environment. And Thera-Sea’s two-night getaway provides the opportunity to unleash the inner warrior and adventurous spirit to master inner calm and wellbeing.

With the increase in the spread of degenerative diseases and mental disorders due to increasing stress levels and unhealthy lifestyles, Thera-Sea’s off-grid experiences focus on bringing wellness back-to-basics. This is done by identifying the six pillars of lifestyle medicine – physical activity, relaxation, purpose, sleep hygiene, nutrition, and healthy

Thera-Sea incorporates different techniques into the retreats such as cold-water therapy through wild swimming, mindfulness through yoga, and education through the wellness workshops in the wilderness. Guests will find themselves immersed in wellness experiences by learning bushcraft skills such as building shelters and fires, swimming in the river, foraging, practising yoga and relaxing in a hammock.

During the evenings, guests enjoy night-time walks through the forest, experience torch-lit trips along the River Fal, sit around the campfire pit, relax with a book, stargaze, and sit around the campfire.

Natural environment

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