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Wellness Travel

Wellness retreats, holidays and activities were prolific before this deadly pandemic when the interest in wellness travel and wellness tourism was surging. Mindful skiing, vinyasa yoga, monastery meditation, and elemental herbology (matching individuals to the natural elements). It was the height of fashion in travel. Health and Wellness Travel According to the Mental Health Foundation, […]

Indian Wellness at Dharana at Shillim

Wellness at India’s Dharana at Shillim – a  fusion of Ancient Eastern Wisdom with Advanced Technology    Dharana at Shillim adds to India’s specialist wellness destinations that combine ancient medicinal practices and beliefs with modern technology. Opened last year, Dharana at Shillim combines the world’s most advanced diagnostics and assessment methods with traditional eastern medicine and […]

Robots, VR and Biometrics, Arabian Travel Market To Headline Cutting Edge Technology & Innovation

A robot may not have a smile but it recognises faces, remembers names and guest preferences, characteristics and behaviours. Such is the changing experience of hospitality and the designated theme for the next Arabian Travel Market – “Cutting Edge Technology and Innovation” The impact of technology on hotels, travel and tourism is multi-dimensional, ranging from […]

Rock Your Spa

Forget those calming atmospheric background tones that usual pervade your treatment room. Make way for the world’s first fully immersive music-centric spa menu complete with amplified vibrations, pressures and patterns as the foundation of the centric spa journey. This ground-breaking experience offered at the Hard Rock Hotel in Tenerife carries its guests on a rhythmic massage […]

Essential Facts Germany

Airport: There are numerous airports serving Germany. The main ones include Munich Airport, which is about 30 kilometers northeast of Munich and Frankfurt International Airport, 12 kilometers from the city. Both have access to public transportation. Voltage: 230 Volts Time Zone: UTC + 1 Weather/Climate: Germany’s overall climate is moderate. The northwestern and coastal regions […]

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