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Reflections on the Industry: Today’s health holiday

The holiday experience generates relaxation and that feeling of well-being but are we searching for more? In our smart world the meaning of health has changed. It has merged under the umbrella of wellbeing which brings together all aspects of our lifestyle. And when holidaying we become more aware and focused on health around us […]

Healthcare Travel Expo – The International Exhibition of Medical and Health Tourism, Spa & Wellness

Healthcare Travel Expo, the leading medical and health tourism, spa & wellness exhibition will take place on June 11-12, 2019, at the ACCO International exhibition centre, Ukraine.  The event brings together the leaders of medical and health tourism in Ukraine, as well as from abroad providing a platform for cooperation between in the medical tourism […]

Announcing IMTEC 2019

  The 2019 International Medical Tourism & Healthcare Exhibition & Conference (IMTEC Oman) . This annual exhibition provides a platform for hospital groups, medical travel organizations and health services companies to increase their global presence and international patient network. It serves as a platform for companies, buyers and suppliers, to source locally the newest health products, services […]

Robots, VR and Biometrics, Arabian Travel Market To Headline Cutting Edge Technology & Innovation

A robot may not have a smile but it recognises faces, remembers names and guest preferences, characteristics and behaviours. Such is the changing experience of hospitality and the designated theme for the next Arabian Travel Market – “Cutting Edge Technology and Innovation” The impact of technology on hotels, travel and tourism is multi-dimensional, ranging from […]

The World Travel Market 2018

The World Travel Market brings the travel industry together through world leading events, content and digital tools, that make it easier for the trade to do business over 3 concentrated days. Speakers will address key issues facing the industry. Four top executives from different sectors of the travel industry will take a look back on […]

An Expert’s View into Insomnia

  Insomnia Having a good night’s sleep is dependent on our own individual sleep architecture but the amount and quality of our sleep is affected by a host of internal and external factors. The Healthcare Holiday interviewed Insomnia Expert & Sleep Consultant Birgit Buenger Is Insomnia a growing malaise? Sleeplessness has been declared an epidemic and […]

The importance of sleep and wellbeing in the office

  As workplace stress and anxiety continues to increase, the importance of quality sleep is becoming increasingly critical for employers and organisations alike. SOMNEX | The Sleep Show, the first show dedicated to sleep health will bring together a variety of experts who specialise in sleep and wellbeing in the workplace. From sleep coaches working with major […]

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