Tourism Highlights

Castles and Christmas Markets


Beethoven and Bach, the Berlin Wall, the Black Forest, beer festivals and Christmas markets encapsulate a glimpse into Germany’s culture, history and tourist attractions.

Some of the most interesting cities in the country include Berlin and Munich. As the capital of Germany and the country’s largest city, Berlin is known for its creative scenes, politics and media. From museums, such as the National Gallery and German Spy Museum, to the Berlin Wall, this city offers cultural immersion. Of its iconic architecture, Brandenburg Gate is a sandstone monument with six large pillars and a must-see on any tour.

As the cultural, economic and political capital of the German state Bavaria, Munich is 30 miles north of the Bavarian Alps. This city is popular for Oktoberfest – a beer festival that hosts carnival rides, traditional German food of sausages and soft pretzels and beer tents. With transportation, such as the S-Bahn commuter rail and the U-Bahn metro, Munich is very accessible. Its main square, Marienplatz, has a town hall, churches and shops worth visiting. The Church of Our Lady, Frauenkirche, is emblematic of the city’s stunning architecture.

The country is also famous for its ravishing castles on mountain tops that have existed for centuries. Of Germany’s 25,000 castles, Neuschwanstein in Bavaria inspired Walt Disney’s castle.

With16 national parks, 100 nature parks, 130 preserved national landscapes, 200,000 kilometers of hiking trails, 70,000 cycling paths, outdoor activity is in abundance.  Around a third of the country is covered with forest with many rivers such as the Danube and the Rhine winding through, making it an increasingly popular destination for river cruising.

Located in western Europe and bordering the North Sea between France and Poland, Germany is Europe’s largest nation in terms of its population size and economy. With stunning landscapes of forests, mountains, rivers and beaches along the North Sea and Baltic Sea, this country offers natural beauty and the ideal settling for wellbeing.