Czech Republic

Tourism Highlights

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Think ornate castles, a fascinating history and of course, native beers. The Czech Republic is located in Central Europe with Prague as its capital and a destination that evolved into one of the most popular travel choices in Europe.

With a medieval character full of culture and history, Prague dates back to years gone by with its 14th-century Charles Bridge, which crosses two historic neighbourhoods,

Outside the capital, there are castles and palaces including the hilltop chateau at Český Krumlov, which reflect past influential dynasties that shaped the country.

Danubius Health Spa Resort Grandhotel Pacifik


This imposing health spa resort is located in Mariánské Lázne enjoying views over the city and to the Colonnade renowned for its Singing Fountain.

Rooms are equipped are well-equipped and feature a balcony to enjoy views at your leisure. Two restaurants offer an extensive choice of Bohemian and international cuisine as well as a wide variety of dietary dishes.

Hotel facilities include a wellness centre, swimming pool with massage nozzles, a Kneipp pool, event shower, a sauna.

There are a wide range of specialised treatments available for specific conditions.

These are medically regulated and managed by a team of expert, highly experienced physicians. They all combine the natural resources with medical expertise using traditional & modern methods. Natural resources include thermal mineral water, thermal mineral soaked mud, cold mineral springs, and gas wraps.

In addition, there are a range of wellness and beauty programmes.

The Danubius Health Spa Resorts are located in Central Europe and offer advanced Medical, Rehabilitation and Wellness NATURAL Spas.