Age-defying cosmetic acupuncture points to Atmantan Wellness Retreat

Atmantan Garden

This October, the Atmantan updates its regular visitor practitioner and events schedule, hosting a series of renowned healers and doctors to share their rich life research and wisdom. Such insights seek to supplement the guests’ pursuit of transformative and educational wellness experiences during their stay.

Dr Liana Levechina is an internationally recognized expert practitioner of facial rejuvenation and acupuncture body modulation. Bringing cosmetic acupuncture to India for the first time, Dr Liana will tell of her revolutionary age reversal treatment – an inspired and distinctive methodology. Her expertise  spans the world of sound-health including medicine, Chinese herbology, facial reconstructive surgery, crania-sacral, yoga and nutrition therapy and mindfulness.  She effectively combines her wealth of knowledge to provide habitual, effective techniques to achieve long lasting, physical and emotional wellness.

Atmantan  is set in the hills of Pune in India above the Mulshi Lake. Atmantan’s carefully-curated, evidence-based retreats and packages are backed by extensive research and tailored to each guest’s requirements, supported by comprehensive facilities across spa, fitness, accommodation, dining and the surrounding nature.


RAAS Devigarh, Rajasthan


Nestled in the Aravalli Hills of India’s Udaipur area lies the RAAS Devigarh, an 18th century palace which has been transformed into a five star luxury hotel in Rajasthan, offering 39 unique suites, complemented by spacious gardens and courtyards.

Its spa programme is led by British brand, ila which sources wild harvested ingredients which include local Rajasthani damascene rose otto oil, jasmine from Tamal Nadu, sandalwood from Mysore and tuberose.

Treatments embrace India’s healing arts, intuitively combining music with the likes of Marma massage techniques, subtle chakra cleansing and herbal poultices.

In additional to traditional therapies are ila’s Devi Blessings, which include nine 2 hour treatments designed to calm adrenals and recalibrate the entire central nervous system. Three, six and nine night Blessing packages are offered.

Naturally enriched with over 84 minerals, the Spa’s Himalayan Salt Cave provides healing properties said to cleanse the body, balance hormones, improve sleep and reduce muscle tension

India Tourism Highlights


Curries and spices, lively festivals, glittering saris and magnificent architecture give India its iconic identity. Located in South Asia, India is a massive country bursting with the kind of colour, flavour, and history that is impossible to replicate.

Rajasthan, in Northwest India, is known for the sweeping sands of the Thar Desert and views of the Aravallis Mountains. The capital of Rajasthan is Jaipur otherwise known as the “Pink City.” Here you can find very distinct Indian architecture including many forts, temples, and the remarkable City Palace.

Agra, home to the world renowned Taj Mahal, is one of the most-visited cities in all of India. Also located here is the Agra Fort. It is possible to tour the fort and the inside of its beautiful palace.

Kerala is a tropical southwestern state. It is a popular destination for eco-tourism, white sand beaches, and temple festivals. The hub of Kerala is Kochi, known for its thriving fishing industry and colonial architecture. Thekkady, within Kerala, is a tiger preserve where you can also admire various flora and fauna.

Delhi, located in Northern India, is the country’s capital city. It is considered one of the oldest cities in the world and his home to several districts, each with their own identity. The Red Fort is one of the city’s top sites. Here you can walk through its Lahore Gate, into the bazaar, through the jewel palace, and into the former residence of the sultan. Delhi is also home to many museums and religious structures.

Mumbai is India’s largest city complete with a vibrant, bustling atmosphere. The city is known for its fashion, grand colonial architecture, Bollywood productions, and premier restaurants and nightlife.

Wellness India

Wellness India

Ayurveda Medicines

India has emerged as one of the fastest growing global healthcare destinations. This not only due to it’s origins in Ayurvedic and alternative medicine forms which span thousands of years, but for its frontier technologies, innovation and fresh treatment methods as well as its skilled world-class doctors and acclaimed specialists.

Quality of care and affordability have been key factors that have driven India’s reputation with savings as much as a fifth to a tenth when compared to Western countries.

India offers a wealth of medical and health solutions for international medical travellers and health tourism:

For a relaxing Ayurvedic based experience – Tibetan Healing- Dehradun



The Vana Malsi Estate is a wellness retreat on a 21-acre estate in Dehradun, India. Surrounded by the nature of the forest and hills of Mussoorie, yet close to the town of Dehradun, Vana offers a relaxing urban forest sanctuary.

With the approval of the Dali Lama himself, offers Ayurvedic treatments. Their unique “Tibetan Healing” treatments by therapists trained at the Dalai Lama’s revered institute. Vana offers a bespoke retreat itinerary for each guest aimed at achieving a greater wellbeing.


The Medanta Hospital

This multi-specialist hospital is around 7 years old and located in the new district of Gurgaon which is also convenient for the airport, ten minutes away.

This modern facility was built by Dr Naresh Trehan and offers pleasant surroundings spread across 43 acres, with 45 operating theatres, 1250 beds and 350 critical care beds.

International Patients

Twenty percent of all patients are international and with its reputation, this number is increasing.

A dedicated international hospitality desk welcomes patients. Translators are available if required. The hospital offers the facility of an in-house business centre, internet access in the room, a dedicated international executive throughout the hospital stay for all medical and non-medical needs

Specialist Treatments
The Medanta is a conglomeration of speciality institutes which are led by medical practitioners who are leaders in their fields.
These Institutes include:
Bone & Joint
Kidney & Urology
Digestive & Hepatobiliary
Minimally Invasive Surgery
Transplant & Regenerative Medicine.

The hospital offers cutting edge technology, state of the art infrastructure and a quest for exploring new therapies

India Essential Facts

Airport: Indira Gandhi International Airport
Time Zone: India Time Zone
Weather/Climate: New Delhi experiences drastic seasons. In the winter temperatures average around 5°C, while in the summer temperatures can reach 45°C. The ideal time to visit is from October through March.
Language Spoken: Hindi (main) as well as English, Urdu and Punjabi
Currency: Indian Rupee
Dialing Code: +91

Medical and Healthcare Summary

India is on the list of global medical tourism destinations and New Delhi is becoming one of the most prominent and popular cities  for medical procedures with three key multi- specialist hospitals, each worth considering. They include The Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, The Medanta Hospital and Max Healthcare.

Lower prices for high quality medical care are a serious proposition to interested consumers wishing to arrange treatment while combining the visit with a holiday with family and friends. However, hygiene, safety and third world country perceptions are key questions raised when India is considered as an option for medical tourism.

Recent visits to these three major hospitals in Delhi provided insight into these concerns. At each, security was very much evident with people and patients channeled through security gates and all bags scanned.

Hygiene is a priority with no food, drink, flowers or medicines  allowed on to the wards from outside. All food and water preparation is managed by the hospital to avoid any infection and to maintain the highest hygiene practices. The wards are calm, quiet and have additional security at the entrance.

With popular procedures costing patients considerably less than other countries, along with the modern medical facilities, New Delhi is an option for patients seeking medical treatment abroad.

India specialises in heart surgery, joint replacements, cosmetic surgery, and cancer treatments.

India’s colourful culture



2016-01-15 10.09.31A forty-five minute drive from Indira Gandhi International Airport amid tuk tuks, old fashioned Morris cars, trailers and cows lead you to the centre of Delhi. The narrow streets, merchants and street vendors, museums and monuments of the old city contrast starkly with the five star hotels, impressive embassy buildings, golf course and malls of New Delhi.

Tourist Attractions outside Delhi

Delhi and this cultural regional heart of India offer history, colour and amazing sites to provide the full meaning of a medical tourism destination. From Delhi, it is a four hour journey to Agra and well worth the journey to stand in front of the majestic Taj Mahal, so tranquil and peaceful with that distinctive wow factor. This “architecture of romance” stands in pure white marble, attracting around 20-30,000 visitors daily, from sunrise to sunset, except Fridays.

The journey from Delhi to Agra can be done in a day or for those who wish to stay longer, an overnight stay is recommended. (If budgets are not restricted, opt for the Oberoi where a stay comes with a butler service and rooms views of the Taj Mahal in the distance. There are many hotels in Agra of all standards and transport is plentiful around the city.

It’s just a short flight to Udaipur from Delhi. Rajasthan’s Udaipur is much quieter and calmer and famous for its mountain backdrops and lakes. Most of the big hotels are located in the new part of the city while the old city houses the City Palace complex, the Jagdish Temple, meandering streets and busy markets.

Built in yellow sandstone and white marble the City Palace complex was built in 1539 high up to avoid attack. Its three gates symbolize liberty while the original horse stables have been converted to small shops. Leave time to explore as there is much to see with the museums and the palace gates. It was around this area and on crowded buses that saw Judi Dench, Bill Nighy, Maggi Smith and Richard Gere filming scenes for the Best Exotic Marigold Hotel.

A boat trip around the Picholet Lake is a must, especially at sunset with a stop to explore the Island Garden, Jag Mandir, set in the middle of the lake with manicured gardens, restaurant and views from every corner.

Jaipur is a short 35-minute hop by plane from Udaipur, otherwise known as the Pink City, painted by instruction from its founder, Maharaja Jai Singh in honour of the visiting Prince of Wales, (King Edward V11). It was the first planned city in Asia, designed on a grid system, and portrays a modern, more advanced India, with wider streets, jewellery shops and beautiful architecture styled in palaces and museums. Said to be the second wealthiest city, its history is defined by past Mughals.

Be prepared to be immersed in history. A drive past the Wind Palace shows where the Royal ladies were hidden from public view. Around the city, snake charmers seek attention by performing this age-old tradition, while monkeys jump from palace rooftops. Talking of heights, rely on an elephant to carry you to the top of Amber Fort. It’s safe, fairly comfortable and, in the absence of fog, offers terrific views. This amazing site is outside the main city in Amer (Amber), the ancient capital until 1727. Three Kings contributed to the building of the fort which is structured on 3 levels, while inside are two palaces with glass mosaics, carved screens and mirror work motifs.

Tourist Attractions in Delhi

Back in Delhi, the same gifted Mughal Emperor, Shah Jahan who brought us the Taj Mahal, also built the Jama Mosque of Delhi and Delhi’s capital, Shahjahanabad, with its magnificent Red Fort. Other places of note to visit include Humayun’s Tomb and Qutub Minar. A rickshaw ride through the narrow lanes of Chandni Chowk defines everyday life of India with merchants draping richly coloured silks to captive buyers, street food offerings and the trailers laden with misbalanced goods manually pushed between the crowds. You will need to hold on tight and keep alert to tuk tuks creeping alongside.

Other attractions:

Lodi Gardens
Lotus Temple
Garden of Five Senses