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A site dedicated to today’s Wellness Traveller, to help, suggest and provide direct links to selected places around the world to provide that much needed answer to individual health and well-being solutions in the form of a health holiday or retreat.

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Silver Travel Advisor – The Voice of Mature Travellers


Silver Travel Advisor is an award-winning website which offers high quality information, reviews and advice about travel and holidays which is specifically of interest to older travellers, backed by personal service from a team of mature travel industry professionals with years of experience. With diverse backgrounds, Silver Travel Advisor represents its team’s united passion for travel, and an aim to gather and offer impartial advice, information and recommendations which can be trusted.

According to Debbie Marshall, Managing Director of Silver Travel Advisor, Wellness Travel is a key component of travel today.  “Good health and activity are especially important in later life, and thanks to better nutrition and healthcare, it’s possible to maintain a healthy body and lifestyle. Exercise in old age is linked to better memory; it helps you to stay healthy, energetic and independent, and reduces the risk of coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, colon cancer, and diabetes. And we’re delighted to see the travel industry offering a wide range of health and wellness holidays to encourage people to enjoy different treatments and therapies which both enhance enjoyment and wellbeing”.

Silver Travel Advisor is a trusted site which encourages the exchange of opinions within its community of over 100,000 members through the website, forums, newsletters, a printed Silver Traveller magazine and social media.